Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Til We Meet Again Pepi

with love for Michele PEPI ANGEL in the goldlight. bravest�... on Twitpic
Angel Pepi from @Chattemuse

Sumtimes an anipal touches so many hearts dat we all just overflows wif sobs n membries n stories n loves when they hasta go to da Rainbow Bridge. @PepiSmartDog is one of them anipals.

We knewed he wuz sick bad from kidney sicks, but we reely reely hoped he would pull thru. We putted our Paws together 4 Pepi. His lil body couldn't tho, but we knows his spirit lives on at da Bridge and in da hearts of his furriends from all over tha werld.

We is furry sad fur ourselfs but we is furry glad dat Pepi is not in no more pain from tha kidneys sicks he hadded. We cried and laffed and sang and made tributes all ofur da place in honor of Pepi.

We love you Pepi!!!

Please sign the Guest Book at Memorial Page to Pepi by @FrugalDougal

Please light a candle for Pepi via @MizzBassie

Marley & Lola @MarleyTerrier did a byootiful tribyoot to Pepi.

They is adding tribyoots as the day goes on, too, so stop by frekwently.

CathyKeisha dedicated her blog to Pepi!

Our furriends @PuzTheCat and @Chattemuse welcomed Pepi across tha Bridge along wif squillions of other anipals.

* getting out the paint brush * I'm so sad.... * selects a can of gold paint *...
*starts covering a new pram in gold paint, crying*
* pulls down blockade and caution tape from bridge *...
* hundreds of anipals are already at the foot of the bridge as news of Pepi's passing spreads, singing starts *
* Breakfast nook has been alerted to start making extra pancakes, sausage, bacon and whipped butter for a celebrity's 1st meal up here. *
* crowd has grown into the thousands, lit lighters being held up by the singing crowd, I didn't know those were allowed up here...*
* Slowly, Puz, @SamTheCatRocks, @ChatteMuse and others begin walking the golden pram to the other side of the bridge, heads bowed *
@mrsfishstick * waiters quickly scramble to find their bow ties *
@mrsfishstick * head waiter rushes to Walmart for white gloves... we have those up here???? *
* @ChatteMuse recites a poem that I'm too stupid to understand... I just nod. A light emerges in the distance *
* light is getting brighter....*
* Chauffeur steps out, opens rear door with white gloves on...*
* Pepi steps out of Rolls, squints from the flashes going off... holds paw up to block the glare...*
* Pepi smiles, waves to his supporters and jumps into the gold pram. * I hope the paint is dry....
* Puz & @SamTheCatRocks slowly push the pram back over the bridge while @ChatteMuse recites another poem *
* Pepi signals for left hand turn out of the pram... towards the restaurant! The crowd cheers! *
* Pepi reaches top step of restaurant, turns, waves at crowd, they chant "We Love Pepi" *
* Pepi enters restaurant and sits on a throne set up at the head table, we join him at the table *
* Waiters pour everyone a glass of vintage fermented beef beverage, Pepi sniffs the glass and nods to staff *
* We all hold up a glass and honor our Pepi.... CHEERS! WE LOVE PEPI * The restaurant erupts in clinking glasses.....
* Staff brings out platters of smoked sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs, pancakes. * Eat up my friend! * Pepi gets whipped butter on his nose*
* The crowd erupts in laughter and we all spread butter on our noses in solidarity, We Love Pepi! *
* Piano player begins entertaining, as we continue to have a lavish meal with Pepi *

Paws4Pepi Twibbon Twibute

If you would like a Twibbon large version, contact @MizzBassie or @GeorgeTheDuck

Today we are all going on a #PepiTruck ride a meddow near the Rainbow Bridge to
cellybrate our furriend.
tooday we is al sad bowt @PepiSmartDog an i wud like us to al... on Twitpic
Klik to see da truk we's ridin in

Here is the truck wif us in it

Other Tributes and Memories
@DobieEvgeni's Interview with Pepi
Music from @Georgetheduck
Music from @Pickle55
Music from @Chantilly_Lace

A Poem from @Sydpie

Jazzydacat wrote a beautiful tribute for Pepi

Love, Sanjee and George The Duck

If yoo has a memborial or cellybrashun of Pepi, yoo can emale a link or a pik or quote or whatefur to George to be added or DM @georgetheduck. His emale is george AT georgetheduck DOT com.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Oh what a bad day to find out dat our furriend @BrackenCat hadta go to tha Rainbow Bridge too :( *sobs* We's so sorry. We will send yore fambly lotsa purrs for their sads. We luvs yoo Bracken!

Sam the Cat

I was so so sad jus now to find out dat our furriend @SamtheCatRocks hadta wented ofur tha Rainbow Bridge on Fursday August 27. I feels so bad. I didn't efur knows. I will send lots and lotsa purrs to his fambly. Pleez stop n send purrs for his fambly too. I is distrot n don't know what to say. Love yoo Sam! Dat's all I can fink.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Puz the Cat

Puz the Angel

Puz on the Highway to Heaven

Our friend @Puzthecat the Hambassador hada terminal cancer and hadta be helped to tha Rainbow Bridge today. Puz n his fambly tolded us aheada time n we got to share special fings wif Puz.

"A time's been set 2 end da pain
Truly Twitter wont be quite da same
But yr spirit will live on 4ever
Anipal love never severed"

@danapixie: A long life well lived /
the sweetest cat on Twitter /
be brave on the day. #haiku for @PuzTheCat

We a'cided to put Puz at da top of da tweeterwall, and we dids.

@Mulder_Cat: @PuzTheCat OH NOES! We'll miss you, Mr. Hambassador. You'll be in our hearts forever.

@FrugalDougal wrote the sweetest post and gave us words for thems of us who had none.

Chattemuse waits for Puz

An what did Puz say to us?
"Thanks for all the lovin' sentiments guys. Memories of #Hamfest and your friendship will stay with me forever."

Puz, we enjoyed yore last day wif us wif that grate #puztruck ride with yore anipals. In tha middle of tha afternoon in tha US, 76 anipals dat I counted came out to ride wif yoo and cellybrate yore life. Then lots more came by in the evenin to give yoo purrs to go on yore way, and I losted count. Then we hadded #puzpram ride wif Pepi Smart Dog n bunches n bunches of furriends. Yoo maded us all feel speshul and we wanted to give yoo lotsa luv.

Puz the Angel

Puz, yoo was not only the Ambassador of Ham, yoo inspired us and was so brave it maded us feel a lil brave too.

We luvs yoo Puz! We'll see yoo at tha Rainbow Bridge later! *waves paw*

@Chattemuse let us know: - @puzthecat #Puzpram ARRIVED!! xoCM*


~~Sanjee @HotMBC

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Until we Meet Again Oscar

Oscar, buddy, yoo look grate wif a rainbow. And we knows yoo and @Delila_Gerbil will plan some grate advenchurs for tha critters at the Bridge. And we're glad yoo's not sik or in pain no more. 

But we're sure gonna miss yoo down here wif us.  *sniff* We's gonna miss yoo wif yore cool outfits and funs.  Yoo's the coolest of the cool, furriend.

Yoo'd be purroud of Henry. He did a very nice post for yoo last nite. Wif an awesum collage to a'member yoo by. 

Don't worry. We'll looks after Henry for yoo down heer.  And we'll see yoo again later at tha Rainbow Bridge.  Just furgive us if we sniffles a lil til then. Cuz we misses yoo here lots.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Delila's Blankie

Delila loved to be in one of two places --either on my lap or in the blue and green blanket my daughter made as a Christmas present for me. Every day, she'd sit on my lap, hold on to my shirt with her little pink paws and chew like mad (now I have a few shirts that look like cheese graters). Then she'd lift up her head and brux her teeth and her eyes would get real wide -- it reminded me of a tiny cat kneading her mama.

When she wasn't on my lap, she was on her bright blue and green fleece blanket. Delila loved her blankie. It appeared to be a magical land with tunnels and wonderful places to hide food and cardboard tubes. I'd sit on the couch next to the blankie and look over from my typing to see her little head pop up above the fringes or I'd see the blankie squiggle and squirm while she dug merrily away at the fabric. By the end of the day, the blankie would be bunched up in odd configurations, and the top would be covered with seeds, discarded shells, chewed cardboard bits, Cheerios and treats.

It was difficult to watch her health fade over the past few weeks. She'd never complain on Twitter (rodents hide pain and illness well -- have to look tough and healthy so something doesn't eat you), but with the buildup of the fluid, she began to slow down and even became incontinent. I had to help her up to the top of the couch when she could no longer climb and she had to endure the discomfort of having her bottom washed every day. But she stayed sweet. And she tunneled in her blankie up until her final night.

Now her blanket is washed and placed back on the couch to perform the protective function it had before Delila turned it into her magical fantasy island. The tunnels are gone, it stays tucked behind the cushions and there are no more Cheerio crumbs. The magical blankie has once again become just a blanket... except for the little teeth and claw marks on the inside that shows it will always be Delila's Blankie.

I miss you, little one.


Mama Gerbil

Sunday, May 24, 2009

In memory

This blog is dedicated in memory of @Delila_Gerbil and all our furriends who have gone on to the Rainbow Bridge

To @Delila_Gerbil, who left us 5/23/09, @DaisyTheWhippet , Mo of @Mszona , Romeo of @sinkdrink all 5/21 @hisnameisSaturn on 5/15 and Cricket of @Dixie_Belle on 5/16

We will always remember you and our other critter anipals who went on to the Rainbow Bridge before us. We want this place to be where we can remember and show pics and tell memories about you, because you're always in our hearts.