Monday, May 25, 2009

Delila's Blankie

Delila loved to be in one of two places --either on my lap or in the blue and green blanket my daughter made as a Christmas present for me. Every day, she'd sit on my lap, hold on to my shirt with her little pink paws and chew like mad (now I have a few shirts that look like cheese graters). Then she'd lift up her head and brux her teeth and her eyes would get real wide -- it reminded me of a tiny cat kneading her mama.

When she wasn't on my lap, she was on her bright blue and green fleece blanket. Delila loved her blankie. It appeared to be a magical land with tunnels and wonderful places to hide food and cardboard tubes. I'd sit on the couch next to the blankie and look over from my typing to see her little head pop up above the fringes or I'd see the blankie squiggle and squirm while she dug merrily away at the fabric. By the end of the day, the blankie would be bunched up in odd configurations, and the top would be covered with seeds, discarded shells, chewed cardboard bits, Cheerios and treats.

It was difficult to watch her health fade over the past few weeks. She'd never complain on Twitter (rodents hide pain and illness well -- have to look tough and healthy so something doesn't eat you), but with the buildup of the fluid, she began to slow down and even became incontinent. I had to help her up to the top of the couch when she could no longer climb and she had to endure the discomfort of having her bottom washed every day. But she stayed sweet. And she tunneled in her blankie up until her final night.

Now her blanket is washed and placed back on the couch to perform the protective function it had before Delila turned it into her magical fantasy island. The tunnels are gone, it stays tucked behind the cushions and there are no more Cheerio crumbs. The magical blankie has once again become just a blanket... except for the little teeth and claw marks on the inside that shows it will always be Delila's Blankie.

I miss you, little one.


Mama Gerbil


Staci Marie And Buddy Puggy said...

well said :) she will be missed @buddythepuggy

Robyn Harton said...

Aw, now we wanna go snuggle wif yoo. We misses Delila too. Purrrrrrrrs,
Sanjee and the resta the Hotties

Lou said...

We miss Delila too... *nosekisses* *soft nuzzle*
Lou & Pebbles

unstresst said...

Rest assured, Delila went/arrived in a blissful state.

Brought about by the very special treatment she got while with you.
Any small pet owner should find a way to give them room to run/roam.
as evidenced by Delila's story, they tend to become smarter and much better companions.

rabbits, gerbils, mice, lizards, turtles....and the list goes on.