Sunday, May 31, 2009

Until we Meet Again Oscar

Oscar, buddy, yoo look grate wif a rainbow. And we knows yoo and @Delila_Gerbil will plan some grate advenchurs for tha critters at the Bridge. And we're glad yoo's not sik or in pain no more. 

But we're sure gonna miss yoo down here wif us.  *sniff* We's gonna miss yoo wif yore cool outfits and funs.  Yoo's the coolest of the cool, furriend.

Yoo'd be purroud of Henry. He did a very nice post for yoo last nite. Wif an awesum collage to a'member yoo by. 

Don't worry. We'll looks after Henry for yoo down heer.  And we'll see yoo again later at tha Rainbow Bridge.  Just furgive us if we sniffles a lil til then. Cuz we misses yoo here lots.


@louloupants said...

I hopez u iz havin fun & eatin all da tuna u can handul. I missez ur *nosetaps*. U wuz gud kittie frend!!

Mulder_Cat said...

Goodbye, Oscar. You wurr one of the furrst cats that I followed on Twitter. It was an honurr and purrivelege to know you, and we will miss you vurry much. Rest in peace, my anipal.

Unknown said...

Miss ya pal. We just miss ya. Hope it's "All good!" there at the Bridge.

The Brew and BZTAT

Monica said...

LillianCat finds it too hard to comment on her own...her little kitty heart goes out to Oscar, who is happy now and safe. She sends *nosekisses* to Henry and much love to the humans who took Oscar into their hearts.

LillianCat and Monica

perrythebirman said...

oscar, ur a pal's pal, a u gud buddy. iz glad 2 call u mai friend. we'll look out fur dat henry kid fur u, an u can look out fur all ov our loved ones that have gone to da rainbow bridge. kai? cause dats da kind ov guy u r. u luk out fur everyone.

i luv u oscar. *nosetaps*


flothecat said...

Miss ya Oscar.
We'll meet again one day.
Love Flo