Saturday, August 29, 2009


Oh what a bad day to find out dat our furriend @BrackenCat hadta go to tha Rainbow Bridge too :( *sobs* We's so sorry. We will send yore fambly lotsa purrs for their sads. We luvs yoo Bracken!

Sam the Cat

I was so so sad jus now to find out dat our furriend @SamtheCatRocks hadta wented ofur tha Rainbow Bridge on Fursday August 27. I feels so bad. I didn't efur knows. I will send lots and lotsa purrs to his fambly. Pleez stop n send purrs for his fambly too. I is distrot n don't know what to say. Love yoo Sam! Dat's all I can fink.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Puz the Cat

Puz the Angel

Puz on the Highway to Heaven

Our friend @Puzthecat the Hambassador hada terminal cancer and hadta be helped to tha Rainbow Bridge today. Puz n his fambly tolded us aheada time n we got to share special fings wif Puz.

"A time's been set 2 end da pain
Truly Twitter wont be quite da same
But yr spirit will live on 4ever
Anipal love never severed"

@danapixie: A long life well lived /
the sweetest cat on Twitter /
be brave on the day. #haiku for @PuzTheCat

We a'cided to put Puz at da top of da tweeterwall, and we dids.

@Mulder_Cat: @PuzTheCat OH NOES! We'll miss you, Mr. Hambassador. You'll be in our hearts forever.

@FrugalDougal wrote the sweetest post and gave us words for thems of us who had none.

Chattemuse waits for Puz

An what did Puz say to us?
"Thanks for all the lovin' sentiments guys. Memories of #Hamfest and your friendship will stay with me forever."

Puz, we enjoyed yore last day wif us wif that grate #puztruck ride with yore anipals. In tha middle of tha afternoon in tha US, 76 anipals dat I counted came out to ride wif yoo and cellybrate yore life. Then lots more came by in the evenin to give yoo purrs to go on yore way, and I losted count. Then we hadded #puzpram ride wif Pepi Smart Dog n bunches n bunches of furriends. Yoo maded us all feel speshul and we wanted to give yoo lotsa luv.

Puz the Angel

Puz, yoo was not only the Ambassador of Ham, yoo inspired us and was so brave it maded us feel a lil brave too.

We luvs yoo Puz! We'll see yoo at tha Rainbow Bridge later! *waves paw*

@Chattemuse let us know: - @puzthecat #Puzpram ARRIVED!! xoCM*


~~Sanjee @HotMBC